Rubén Sánchez–Godoy

Rubén Sánchez–Godoy is an associate professor of Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX). His research focuses on texts that challenge the existence of Indigenous and African slavery in Spanish America from Sixteenth through Nineteenth century before the consolidation of the abolitionist movement in the British Atlantic. As part of that interest, Sánchez–Godoy studies (1) texts that, using philosophical and theological concepts in the context of the Spanish conquest and colonization of the Americas, make the case against slavery, (2) texts that recognize, even against the purposes of their writers, the actions of Amerindian and African individuals and communities against oppression, and finally (3) texts that explore conflictive appropriations and uses of land and trade in colonial times. In his research, Sánchez–Godoy works frequently with on-line textual resources, particularly in platforms that allow diverse kinds of interactions with texts.